vodacom deezer case study

using influencer marketing to reach nearly
4 million music lovers and drive 15 000 deezer app downloads

this is how we did it


Vodacom partnered with the music streaming app, Deezer. They aimed to increase awareness
of Deezer among young South African music lovers to result in more downloads of the app.


Ignite online conversation with online music lovers with an influencer marketing
campaign recruiting music, celebrity and entertainment influencers.

10 music loving influencers were chosen to create their own content about
music streaming and the Vodacom Deezer app, using the #VCDeezer hashtag.

13 blogs posts were created and read by 29 897 people.

13 Facebook posts were shared and read by 332 361 people.

22 Tweets were shared which reached 3 626 850 people.

± 0 million

Music lovers were reached.


People engaged with the content.


Deezer apps were downloaded.


1. The right timing, influencer and content can result in a bigger reach.The campaign timing coincided
with Da L.E.S’s single launch which was made available on Deezer. Da L.E.S was a relevant influencer,
with big reach, who shared content that resonated with his audience at the right time.

“ Turnup my new single P.A.I.D ft @akaworldwide & @burnaboy on Deezer now: http//t.co/jE7tkCusoH #VCDeezer #DaLesPaid http://lca/ayg5WeRVBM ”

Tweet reached
2 106 557 people

Resulted in
1160 url clicks

There were

Retweeted by celebrities
Bonang Matheba
and Rapper AKA

2.Brands should trust influencers to create content that is aligned with their objectives, but still
resonates with the influencer’s audience. LiveSA provided value to their audience with their
content, but not just listing why they use Deezer, but by giving their own personally
recommended ‘Monday Blues’ playlist in a blog post.

They generated 12 578 blog views with their "Monday Blues" playlist

3.Influencers spark conversation with other influencers.

“introducing @deezerza: the best & most affordable music streaming service in the business. goo.gl/jbh9ub @vodacom #vcdeezer”

“ @texxonfire: I just got it yesterday, and an loving it! Also: I don’t know why I didnt before. My bad:) @DeezerZA @ Vodacom”

“@conciefe_ryan @DeezerZA @Vodacom one of the many reasons why you’re THE premium conciege. ”

“@texxonfire @conciege_ryan @DeezerZA So much love in this little bubble you guys <3 ”